Monday, November 8, 2010


Let me tell you the story how the idea for this app came up:

My colleagues and I, we went for lunch to a place called Mother's Dumplings, a very nice place where you can find the tastiest dumplings in Toronto. A little bit far from our office, usually we take the street car or even bike but it's all worth it. By now you got the picture how much we like this place. When we order we usually pick 4 to 5 different types of dumplings and we share between each other but the tricky part is to keep track how many dumplings each of us eat. It does look very simple to keep track, that's what we always think, but a soon you put your first dumpling in your mouth everything changes, you're not focused anymore, you enjoy the taste, you're relaxed, we share dumplings and stories, we talk, we eat and then.... boom..... when your chop sticks finds the plate empty all that gourmet paradise disappears and you start wondering how many dumplings your friends eat, yes, you're right, you're blaming on them not on you.

And then the solution, Sheep++, it's a simple counter apps, very useful for our lunch dilemma.

And I can see you looking at me saying "Hey but what's with the name, why did you called Sheep++ and not Dumpling++ ?". I came up with the name Sheep++ as I wanted to express the functionality of the app. Everybody knows that ++ sign comes from the incremental operation used in programming languages, now you know in case that you didn't, and I associated the word Sheep with this incremental operation to suggest a possible usage of this app as counting sheep before you fall asleep.

With the hope that you find this post interesting and amusing I leave you smiling and I click "Publish post"