Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exploring and playing with simple ideas to build android mobile apps

Just one week before the start of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa I was exploring my mind in search for a simple idea to build a second android app that can be catchy to the public and that didn’t require me to spend a lot of time implementing it.

Then I remembered how south american tv commentators use a very very very long goal screams to express their enthusiasm and excitement when a favorite team puts the ball into the net.

But that’s them, usually we can’t scream that long or sometimes our voice is not in a very good shape, especially after a very cold beer ;)

And here comes my idea that with a touch of a soccer ball, displayed on your android smartphone, a very long goal scream will be heard coming out of the phone’s speaker and will add a plus of happiness when your favorite team is scoring a goal.

So I was able to implement that just in time for the start of the tournament by building the app called.... World Cup 2010 Goal Scream, obvious, and I watched everyday how many downloads I get and how many times my ads, integrated in the app, are viewed by soccer lovers.

It turned out that it became pretty catchy since I got around 600 downloads during the tournament and another 400 the following month. From my perspective, this app was a success. But then I got this question on my mind: “Why people still download my app even though the tournament is over ?” My theory is that soccer lovers like my app and they’ve started to use it for other soccer tournaments, like UEFA Champion League, or even for other sports, I can see hockey fans using it. But that’s my theory and that’s what I like to believe.

This app is a proof to me that small ideas can become a success and can help us find other ones.

My next blog will be about another simple idea that followed this pattern by shaping my next android app: Sheep++

So stay tuned for my next blog and keep in mind that:
Small ideas can change the world, don’t stop finding them


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