Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Next TO GO, find your next train/bus faster

I've started commuting a year ago using the GO train/bus in Toronto Area. These trains and buses are managed by GO Transit, a public transportation company, that helps more than 55 milion people move around in the GTA area. For more information, check out the About section on their website http://www.gotransit.com

While commuting I was always puzzled in finding the next train/bus at any given point in time but especially on those days when I missed my train. I had to check GO Transit website, browse through the schedules to find the right train/bus schedule.

By building this app I tried to solve this issue and find my next train/bus faster. So far it helped me several times and I hope it will help you, too. You can download it from the Google Android Market.

Go check it out