Sunday, June 27, 2010

O Canada - my first app for Android

Today I was able to publish my very first app for Android

It all started with a friend telling me about the Google's new smartphone, Nexus One, how awesome it is and how easy it is to develop apps for it. One thing was catchy, you can build your app using Java language and Eclipse as IDE, that's cool since I'm working with Java and Eclipse every day.

Soon I found out that Google's Android team did a really good job building a website for developers: that helped me getting started and the best thing of all was that they provide a plugin for Eclipse, Android Development Tools (ADT), including an emulator where you can test your apps without even having a real phone, it's all software. I know that others used emulators but it is nice to see that this trend is helping developers to jump building apps in no time.

I did my research about the phone and discovered that the phone is compatible with my cell phone carrier and that I can order it online and got it shipped in Canada. Now they stopped selling through the Google's website, but it will be available through other retail chains, so no worries. Anyway, at that time it was available and I got it.

Ok, so everything was set and then what? What app should I build?

I got around all my ideas by focusing on the simplest, easiest and useful aspect of an app. Then EVRIKA, (church choir singing), O Canada, the Canadian Anthem that every Canadian citizen should know it. Since I'm a Canadian citizen to be and still not knowing all the lyrics, even though I heard the anthem a lot during the Vancouver's 2010 Olimpics, I though that it will be a good idea to have the anthem's song and lyrics with me all the time. And the rest is just work and fun.

Now that's finished and published all I can hope that you'll install it and find it the simplest, easiest and useful app.

In order to install it, use your phone and search the android market for "O Canada"

have fun

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